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Nothing but an act of virtue is meritorious.
    -- St. Thomas Aquinas

The Devil, had he fidelity, / Would be the finest friend -
Because he has ability, / But Devils cannot mend.
Perfidy is the virtue / That would he but resign, -
The Devil, so amended, / Were durably divine.
    -- Emily Dickinson

The strength of a man's virtue is measured by his habitual acts.
    -- Blaise Pascal

What she accounted virtue was ... rather the repenting of sins than the avoidance of them.
    -- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

(In the Garden of Pure Misery, innocence -- so easy and so necessary -- is highly overrated, as if it's forgotten that it's too common to be called a virtue.)
    -- Claude Cahun

0 virtue! I thought you were something; but you are only an empty phantom!
    -- Marcus Brutus

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